lunes, 18 de febrero de 2008


I would like to start thanking to all the people of whose is visiting this blog after the link that Héctor kindly placed. Many thanks to Héctor and Cindy McShane, too. Let me tell that I was very surprised to receiving visits from United States, mainly because this blog is writed in Spanish.

Besides, I would like to place my greetings in the webside, unfortunately I haven’t found the way to do that. I think that you need to be registered. That’s why I send this mesage from here.
I would like to tell you that I’ll keep writting about the fantastic serie Fables in the future, sometimes about one issue or about a complete story as I have done with THE GOOD PRINCE. So I hope people as you continue visiting me.
And finally, we kindly invite everybody to place a message. As you can see, I know a bit of english, provably enough to we could understand eachother.

Best regards, and congratulations for your webside.

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